New Chicks in the Garden

Husband Steve with the chicks

Husband Steve with the chicks

It is not what you are thinking. There are no new lovely ladies in my backyard helping me plant.

I do however have baby chickens. These tots have hatched in the incubator that has been humming away for the last three weeks. It was so exciting to watch them slowly (it seemed like it took forever!) pip their way out of the shell.

They would peck and rest, peck and rest. I had to resist the temptation to help them out of the their shell. That is not good for them.

So I have 3 kalamata laying chicks, and 2 olive laying chicks. Of course I am hoping for girls. Sad but true. I would have to find homes for any boys, and I am sure that we will become very attached to these little bundles (fluff balls) of joy.

The pictures attached are the chicks They lived in a plastic storage tub in my living room with a heat lamp on them, then they graduated to a playpen made from a discarded crate. We both (Steve and I) like to hold them, and feed them meal worms by hand.  This will help them become “pet” chickens.

Crate Play Pen

Crate Play Pen

Lid on the Play Pen

There is also a picture of Steve with the chicks. He insisted that they needed to have some fun in the grass.

Soon  I will be Sharing Life’s Abundance with them and they will share eggs with me. Then I will share more pictures and stories with you


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