The Chicks are Hatching

Chick hatching

Chick hatching

Exhausted chick

More chicks hatching

More chicks hatching

The babies have arrived. It took about 2 days for all the eggs that were fertile to hatch. It is a very slow and tedious process. I was so excited! Like a new mommy with the bassinet next to the bed. I could hear the babies in the shell peeping all night as they tried to pip their way out of the shell.
The first picture is a green egg that an Olive Egger is hatching from. You can see its yellow beak. The blood is normal. The baby has pecked a nice hole to breath from, and will rest in this position for quite a while before taking another stab at it.
In the second picture the same baby has hatched. It is still wet and exhausted. It will lay in the nice warm incubator until the feathers dry. By that time the chick will start moving around.
In the third picture-our heroine has crawled to the other side of the incubator to cheer her sisters on. She is starting to dry out and fluff up. Yes, I know there are finger prints on the 2nd green egg. Guilty, I just had to have a closer look. The olive egg chicks are starting to hatch. The will lay kalamata eggs.

Afterword: Out of 14 eggs 9 were fertile and hatched. Baby chicks are most vulnerable during their first few hours. Although they will not eat or drink for at least 24 hours, they need to be kept at about 100 degrees. So I used what is called a brooder light, and a thermometer to make sure that they were neither too hot or too cold.
More pictures later.


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