Incubating Chicks

Incubator with fertile eggs

Incubator with fertile eggs

I heard about a chicken that lays an olive egg. Not just a green egg, but an olive colored egg. So I looked it up. It’s true.
The passion that begun 5-10 years ago with Easter Egger chickens resulted in many people raising fuzzy faced Aracauna and Americanas. One lays a mint green, and one lays a blue egg. So nice.
In the last 5 years the French Black Copper Maran chickens; with their chocolate brown egg has become popular. So the fad followers, who already had some green/blue egg layers, started getting Marans. The roosters are very handsome, and it turns out very romantic:)
Well, by happy accident it was discovered that the Easter Egger hen that mated with a Maran rooster would produce their normal blue, or green egg. But the baby that pipped its way out of that egg, grew up to be a fuzzy faced, black hen that lays olive colored eggs. A new color for your egg carton. Yay!
Another suprize is that when the Olive Egger mates back to a Black Copper Maran rooster, her eggs are olive-but the baby that is produced will again be a black fuzzy faced hen that lays kalamata colored eggs.
Here is a link if you are interested in how the genetic tree works.
So, I have a friend who has both. I traded my unfertilized eggs for her fertilized eggs.
I have another friend who has an incubator. I borrowed that with the promise of giving her some of the chicks… if they hatched.
Attached is a picture of my eggs in the incubator.
The green ones on the left will grow up to be Olive Eggers. The olive eggs on the right will grow up to lay kalamata colored eggs.
I heard one of the chicks chirping inside the egg today. So I am setting up the basinet (ok the brooder) tonight.


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