I Love My Compost Pile

My Compost Pile

My Compost Pile

So I feed it. I have read all the stuff about equal parts of green and brown. Nope, not me. I just give it whatever I can, whenever I can. I have a compost pail on the kitchen counter. In that goes my kitchen waste, coffee grounds, and used tea bags.
I clean my rabbit trays into the compost. I dump my used chicken bedding into the compost. When I go to the mountains, Steve has gotten used to me taking an empty rubbermaid container along. I fill it with pine needles, and the soil beneath the trees.
Steve gets really embarrassed when we go to the beach. Not because of the way that I am dressed, but because of what I am looking for. I am not looking for sea shells by the sea shore, I want the sea weed, and a little sand. I load them in my container, and take them home with me.
I am so excited to get home, and give the compost pile the gifts that I have brought. I am sure that there must be some new beneficial microbes, and nutrients in it.
When we go yardsaling on Saturdays, I keep my eye out for people doing yard work. I am not embarrassed (Steve is) to stop, and ask for the bagged grass or leaves. I have actually made a new friend by doing that.
My compost pile is nothing more than one of my 4 foot X 8 foot beds that is 1 foot deep. It has a sprayer on it that is connected to my automatic watering system. So, it gets the moisture that it needs. I turn it often, and it gets plenty of sun.

This last year, I  turned it, piled it high, and planted rye grass on top to feed it even more) Nice big fat compost pile.

Nice Fat Compost Pile

Nice Fat Compost Pile

I recently read an article about how to feed essential micro-organizms in the soil by adding sugar, and yeast to the water. So now, my lucky compost pile gets a sweet treat.
But, it is teaming with earthworms, and it turns my trash into treasure pretty quickly. During the warmer months, it does this magic in just a few weeks.

Finished Compost

Finished Compost

Sometimes, I even plant right on top of it, instead of digging it out.

Then I just start over in another bed.

Starting Over

Starting Over


About sharinglifesabundance

I am a backyard food producer. I grow 800 square feet of organic vegetables in the desert year round.
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2 Responses to I Love My Compost Pile

  1. Jess says:

    i always use compost to fill in new raised beds, because i don’t want to go buy some nasty and expensive dirt haha

    and event if i don’t have any beds to fill up, i can’t bring myself to throw away any compostable things!
    i keep things in the freezer (so they don;t attract fruit flies or anything) and when i have a little extra time i dig a hole in an empty spot in my garden (because i can’t have an actual compost pile anywhere….it seems to attract cockroaches and other nasties here in AZ, my husband thinks it would stink and my dog would probably eat it…), fill it up with the frozen scraps and cover it again with dirt. Seems like the best way for me to compost things right now 🙂

    but i want chickens some day and then they will be my composters 😀

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