1/2 pint jars of pesto

1/2 pint jars of pesto

Remember all that basil?  Today, I made 4 jars of pesto. The only reason I stopped is that I ran out of Parmesan cheese. I will get some more tomorrow and make 4 more jars. The secret to keeping it is to cover it with a thin layer of olive oil. This is not processed. I just screwed the lid on and will keep it in my fridge. It will keep several weeks this way. If I want to freeze it, I will just take the lid off and put it in the freezer.

Sometimes on Saturday nights, I make Steve get off the computer and help me make pizza for dinner. We have a glass of wine while chopping and snacking on the toppings while we make the pizza. Pesto is something that works really well for that.

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2 Responses to Pesto!

  1. CastIronDan says:

    I had a lot of basil this year as well. I wish I would of thought of doing this instead of dehydrating! Next Year…

  2. Isn’t it cool Dan how we can all learn from each other? I just learned how to make chips with my ABUNDANCE of zucchini from another friend.

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